2000 WR400 won't start

I had a knocking coming from my engine(it still ran), stripped off tank, covers, carb and crankcase cover, found wear from timing chain on cc cover. Replaced timing chain tensioner, put bike back together.(No extra parts)Now engine has less compression,turns over but won't fire.(Don't need to use decompression lever at all.)Any advice would be apprieciated :thumbsup:

You may have misaligned the cams. Use your service manual to make sure the outer punch marks on the cam sprockets line up with the surface of the head. If you have YZ timed the bike start with the above procedure then rotate the exhaust cam clockwise to get the correct number of pins in between the "12 o'clock" punch marks.

Exactly what he said. I swapped out a motor in mine, and ended up having to actually position the cam lobes in the correct position because the marks weren't lined up correctly on the cam shaft. Anyway, that's sounds like your issue. It's a pain, but it will fix it. :thumbsup:

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