WR450F vs. XR650R

Who will win in a drag race? :thumbsup::devil:

It depends if your WR can hit 90 mph.

MY WR 400F WILL DO 90 MPH! :thumbsup::devil:


But you won´t!

We can only hope he means 90mph vertically off a large cliff.

Infact Marcus, you will find the terminal velocity of a WR400 under gravity is about 120mph, so you may end up beating a few of your "special" friends on their quads after all. They are not so aerodynamic when they plummet.

Feel free to wear a parachute, you will not be able to pull the cord in your straightjacket anyway! :thumbsup:

ha ha I just love messing with you!!! :thumbsup::devil:

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