XR600R top end overhaul

I'm rebuilding my '97 XR600R, and it looks worse inside than I had anticipated. I planned on new valve guides and maybe a piston/rings. Once I got in there, the cam looked to be beyond hope and so do the rockers. That being the case, what else should I be looking at replacing? So far on my list is:





valve guides

What about valves and/or valve springs? Anything else that might have suffered knowing that the cam is in bad shape?

Also, I have been looking at OEM parts at bikebandit, and I emailed service honda; any other good sources for quality parts?

Thanks for the help,

I do suggest Kibble White guides and valves. The guides last longer than OEM and are cheaper. Also a mild port job will help since you are in there. The key word is mild. Don't get too wild.


another good source for parts is www.ronayers.com.

Their prices might be slightly above Service Honda, but well below Bike Bandit.

Also, are you planning on changing the valves as well ? or just he guides (note that with the guides changed, you'll need a 3 angle job)

I don't know what I'm replacing. If replacing the guides means I need a valve job too, maybe I would be better off just replacing the valves. Maybe valve springs, too? What do you think? I decided that I want to do the rebuild right, and not worry too much about money; I don't want to have to go back in in a year or so because I skimped on something. I'm mad I'm missing riding during the fast dwindling summer, and I don't want to miss anymore riding than necessary in the future. Thanks for the help,

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