Extra gas tank? Rear number plate

Has anyone seen the extra gas tank you can buy for an 04 wr 450 that mounts where the rear number plate is? I think it was acerbis. I wish I book marked it. Can anyone shoot me the link? Thanks S.

Actually, it is an Acerbis tank distributed through Baja Designs. BD.com doesn't have a photo of the YZ/WR model but you can see the one for the KTM. 1.5 gallons; $155. I have thought about it but I'm not sure when I would really need all that much extra fuel. :thumbsup:

i stand corrected. the tank looks interesting to me. it would be alot easier than changing the whole gas tank. not to mention it wouldnt ruin the ergo's. if i get a new YZ, i will be getting one of these tanks. :thumbsup:

I wonder if the weight of 1.5 gallons of fuel on one side (probably what...9lbs or so?) on the left side would screw up your balance? It'll be interesting to see what people think of them. I'd definitely be interested to hear. :thumbsup:

i have wanted 1 of those for my ttr-125, and it was a dumb idea because it was an accident waiting to ignite or explode. a really good idea and all tho, and i would love to have 1. also, ive never been on a ride where ive run out of fuel. but if you like it, go for it!!! i think it looks awesome :thumbsup:

Actually, it is an Acerbis tank distributed through Baja Designs.


A-Loop made them originally and sold the molds to BD, maybe acerbis is making them for BD now? I don’t know

I have one for my 400 by aloop that I never use, I can go 130 with my IMS tank so I really don’t need it

Now I stand corrected! :devil::thumbsup:

So, was weight an issue with the tank?

ive seen an acerbis gas tank that mounts on the front number plate i believe they have a .5 gallon and 1 gallon version not exactly sure though

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