Marcus, have you bought a powerband for your bike yet? You need one. They are great. I think one of the guys on the board was tryiong to sell one. I think he had a red one.
Uh, the TT store has them in stock, dont they?:worthy:

Ahhhhhh, more fun for Clark to pull the plug on. :worthy: J/k Clark.

Ahhhhhh, more fun for Clark to pull the plug on. :worthy: J/k Clark.

Once again, no good deed goes unpunished. I work and I slave over a hot keyboard for no pay or even an "atta boy", and this is the thanks I get. Maybe I'll just go eat a thermos full of worms.:D:prof::bonk:

As long as we don't get a lot of whining, bitching, moaning or mud-slinging, have at it. I'm no party pooper, just a chaperone...SC

I'm guessing the "Ignore it and it will go away" philosophy is too easy for you guys? :worthy::D

Atta Boy!:worthy:

Atta Boy!:bonk:

Now I'm complete:banana: :worthy::D:prof:...SC

I'm no party pooper, just a chaperone...SC

And a damn good one might I add. :thumbsup:

As one of the "nubes' to this forum who did actually do a search to find out how to get the stinkin plug out (the one without a string).........I got my answer AND a good chuckle. I expect to get flamed abit when asking a basic question, and personally wouldn't have fun riding with a bunch of stodgy guys who can't give out or take some humour. Nice work TT, it's all about having a good time.

Search for posts by MarcusMossberg...and from TwoBlackBelts. Some of the best sarcasm ever from the TT crowd...and those two kept coming back for more.

TBB can't be sarcastic anymore cause he killed himself to death.

just a reminder of the good ol days

I found all this very helpful.. Crazy you have the pull the tank off to do maintance that comes around once every 10 years or so.. I'm still looking for where the powerband goes, I hear Pro-Circuits are better than FMF's.

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