Need Help Twin wall bars

I'm in dire need of help.i have been spending cash left an right with no luck.I'm trying to find a way to mount brush guards onto my bars (twin wall) an can not find a adapter thus far that will work on 1 1/8 bars.

I just got a clamp that is made by fastway for the upper tree but my tree is a 3 bolt pro taper bolts out the front.

Any one have any idea's or help.I don't want to have to buy new bars.


Acerbis makes a 1 1/8 mount kit for all of their handgaurds.

I have seen a few different styles but after buying 3 so far im best off looking for a tested an working brand.

I used to have Acerbis guards but they would never stay tight on my Pro-Tapers. Now I use Enduro Engineering guards and they fit the 1 1/8 bars good, and stay good and tight!

I have a set of guards i like i just need a way to clamp to bars.

I am not 100% sure what you are asking but here is my solution to handguard mounts with a Pro-Taper triple clamp.

I have Cycra Pro-Bend handguards. I also have their triple clamp mounts for triple clamps with front mount pinch bolts.

Since the Pro-Tapers have 3 bolts rather than the normal two, you have to modify the Cycra triple clamp mounts a little. They come standard with two elongated holes for the pinch bolts, separated by an I shaped aluminum divider. To get them to mount to the Pro-Tapers with 3 bolts, you need to cut out that I shaped area with a hacksaw and then file the two elongated holes into one long slot. Get some longer pinch bolts and you are set.

I put a set of rally II handguards on the twinwalls I had on my KTM. This was of course before Acerbis made mounts specifically for the twinwalls. I got a set of acerbis mounts for pro-tapers & used the die grinder to get them to fit properly. The pro-taper mounts have a conical hole in them, as the pro-taper bars get smaller from the mounts outward. I had to grind down the smaller diameter side of the mounts to make it the same size all the way through. IIRC, it only took me about 1/2 hour to do the whole thing.


Thanks Slappie your correct in what im looking for.i did buy the same mounts but i didn't get the correct ones i got the side mount an not the forward facing one.

After looking around i found that chaparral has a new listing for the acerbis rally II . mounting kit that says for renthal twinwall bars $28.99.

I ordered them up today an will see if they do the trick. :thumbsup:

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