Marcusmoberg VS Rest of Thumpertalk??

Who would win in a fight?

Are you for real, Marcus, or just trying to wind us up? Bad joke if you are, but if you are for real, you seriously need help.

I am thinking Marcus.

He has to wear a helmet 24/7.

........, yeah, to stop him hurting himself!!

He must be bored... :thumbsup:

I think he's trying to dethrone 2BB and John Lorenz for the KUP title (King of Useless Posts) :devil::awww:

Good luck MM. :thumbsup:

Well it looks like the dumb bastard has succeeded in getting past his newbie status. Maybe someone should bump him to gold member status so he'll shut up.

Or better yet just bump the little dweeb!!!!

Can't someone just ban him from the board?

Yeah, I can remember when I had my first beer. Didn't have a buzz for 3 day though.

he he :thumbsup: Alright, I'll stop messing with all you. :devil:

Just ignore him and he'll go away...insecure people thrive this type of attention.

He has too much free time on his hands. :devil: But it looks like we do too! :thumbsup:

We just have to ignore his useless posts and reply to the sensible ones and he will stop posting those crazy questions. :thumbsup:

he he :awww: Alright, I'll stop messing with all you. :thumbsup:

I wasn't worried until just now...

That "hehe I'm kidding" remark makes me all of a sudden think he was serious in all of those posts... The spidey sense is tingling on this one... :devil::lol:

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