My 2002 YZ 426 is too tall for me!

Anyone out there know if there's a lowering link available for the 2002 YZ 426? I need to drop the bike approximately 3/4" to 1".

Your help would be appreciated.

How tall are you?

Try Kouba. I believe they are at

There are a few options.. Im 5'7" and when I first got my 426 I thought it was going to be impossible to ride. My remedy for the time being was to shave out a little of the seat foam, similar to how a freestyle bike would look but not as extreme. The down side is that getting up on the tank for cornering isnt an option, too hard on the scrigg!

I run a full seat now, but the shaved seat really helped me learn without dumping it alot.

Also, You can run a hair more sag than optimal, maybe 110 mm. While running more sag you can also adjust the forks up in the clamps 5-10 mm.

You can also cut down the subframe where it mounts to the frame and reweld it(about 10mm), you will be able to leave the seat alone

I had the same problem, you can raise the forks up in the clamps almost an inch. That made a huge difference in turning as well.

You could also take your riding boots to your local shoe repair shop and have them "Herman Munstered".....hehehe!

Bonzai :thumbsup:

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