Keep My WR426, or trade for a honda

I have been giving some considerable thought to trading in my 2001 wr426 for an xr650r. I realize you blue guys will talk me into keeping my wr of getting a new one, but hear me out. I want to hear what you guys know about the differences of these 2 bikes.

Power. I realize they have similar hp, but the xr has more torque but is also heavier. I don't want to loose any power making the switch. I love the snap and power of the wr ( yz timed, yz pipe, jetted and filter) The thing flies, does 5th gear wheelies and I want to keep that. I will probably miss the high strung rev happy motor, but, If I have more grunt and torque, It will make up for that. How about roll-on power? Say 4th gear, both at 3000rpm, up a hill on a grassy trail, and you crack them both. Which one will pull ahead ( considering the wr has similar mods to mine, and the xr has the power up kit)

The main reason I'm considering this is that my wr is getting older, and I want reliable. A little more peace of mind. Certinally not to say the wr is not reliable. It is. But I hear the honda may handle the long run a bit better. My wr has never let me down, but later on down the road, will liklely need rings/valves etc before the honda would. I ride trails and plenty of dirt roads. I run out of gears on the wr. needs a 6th. I understand the xr goes a few mph faster with fewer revs Right?

how about suspension? My wr is a bit soft. I'm 6'4" and 240, and the wr has factory settings. works ok for me because I dual sport a lot, and don't go much more than 2 feet in the air. How about the comfort? The xr is lower, and im wondering about that. I love the tall WR. will I have good leg room? And the seat on the wr is hard. How about the XR? I haven't even seen one to sit on one so thats why I ask.

One more thing. I absolutly love the sound of my wr. It is LOUD, but SWWWEEET. It barks and thumps and rips all at once, and very fast. How about the honda?

I don't know, maybe I don't know what I have. Maybe I should keep the WR, but I'll see what you guys say. I just want a new bike, with similar power, but not have to be working so hard ( high rpm's, high compression) to get it. But I realize that is what makes the wonderfull sound and hard hitting power.

I always had my eye on the xr, but the wr came up already dual-sported, so I couln't pass that up. I'm just hoping the extra cc on the honda will propell me quicker, But I don't know. I case you haven't figured this out, I love POWER! Maybe I should get a 500 2 stroke!

Oh, and the extra weight is not a concern. I work out, and do strongman, so 20 extra lb won't matter much.

Thanks in advance for all of your guys's time

i agree the two bikes aren't in the same ballpark. The wr has leaps and bounds over the xr although the xr is a good bike but not near the wr in preformance ability. If you want a new bike you might look to the new wr 450 whith the majic button? if you just want more out of your wr theres lots of mods that can be done. In my opinion the yamaha has a pretty rock solid motor too :thumbsup:

i agree with what rush said. check out the new wr450s. in my opinion it rips and it rips hard. throw a pipe on it and do the free mods and youll be eatin up hondas and spittin them out in no time. oh yea one other thing, if you live in california you wont be able to register the new 450 for the street.good luck :thumbsup:

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