XR650R big tank wanted

need one ASAP, let me know what you've got. May trade stock tank towards a larger one plus cash. Don't give that big tank away if your selling your bike.

Doug (248) 391-2974


C'mon.. I know there's one cluttering up a garage somewhere. Its a one time use thing and I would hate to spend $170-200 for one use. Everyone seems to prefer the Clarke, but it looks kinda bulky for singletrack use. The 4.6 size seems excessive, I only need 80-90 mile range. The IMS 3.2 doesn't add much capacity over the stock 2.6, but it should be enough? Any pictures or feedback of big tanks would be appreciated

I got just over 100 miles in Baja on my 3.2 IMS using an Edelbrock carb. That wasn't racing, but we were moving along pretty good. I imagine I'd be around 85-90 in race conditions.

I run the IMS 3.2 but mine holds 3.5 for some reason. I can go 100 plus miles easy and I think the tank looks better than the stocker. Good luck finding a used one.

one time use...why not just put a plastic bottle or two in a day-pack. or put a small container with a plastic handle strapped to your waist...thats how we did Baja before big plastic tanks where available...sometimes we still add capacity that way...at $3 you cant beat the price!

Yeah I used to have something from MSR I think. It was called an Enduro Jug. Held like 2 quarts. Plenty to get you home.

Thanks for the tips guys, I also found out that you can get lightweight fuel bottles at any camping store. They are made by MSR and are aluminum with a screw cap and can handle pressure without venting. The largest is 33 oz for about $15. In Colorado we all used antifreeze jugs in our backpacks which was real uncomfortable for the first 30 miles. We found out that our mileage was so good at 12,000 ft., we didn't need extra gas. I'll get by with two fuel bottles for now, and keep looking for a used tank.

I have the IMS 4.6 and its nice to rarely be concerned about low fuel especially on the long rides.

my $.02

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