01 Clutch mod

I am going to do the 01 mod on my 00. I looked through tne posts and found alot of conflicting info on what parts are needed and what the part #'s are. I want to do it right the first time so if someone could get me the straight scoop on this stuff it would be great.

This is what you need

5JG-16321-00-00 PLATE, FRICTION


5JG-16384-00-00 PLATE, SEAT

93511-32027-00 BEARING, BALL (PUSH ROD ASSY.)

5BE-16356-00-00 ROD, PUSH 1

5JG-16357-10-00 ROD, PUSH 2


Thanks for the list. If i want to replace the remaining plates and springs while im in there do i use 01 or 00 parts?I figure it would be best to do it all at once.

We really need to know.Is everything else the same? :thumbsup:

If you're changing plates and everything, order an 01 clutch pack, the 2 pushrods, and the ball bearing. The plates will be part of the clutch kit. Also, if you are careful removing the clutch cover, you won't need to replace the gasket- I've had mine on and off several times with the original gasket and no problems. Do a search for my post titled "01 clutch fix" and it should have all the info you need :thumbsup:

The spring/boss is included in the pack?

Well I orderd the parts today. I got the ebc complete clutch pack,2 rods,ball,boss spring and a gasket just in case.I dont think the boss spring comes in the kit so i orderd it to. Im wondering how the ebc kit with the steel plates is going to be compared to the stock stuff.Its not like ill abuse it to much,the original clutch still works its just real grabby on initial blast off.Other than that I rarly even use that lever.

You'll be happy with the results. I did mine after riding with the grabby clutch for about 2 years and it made a huge difference on my starts :thumbsup:

The parts came in but I only got the fiber plates not the whole kit so it will be 3 more days now. If anyone has one I could use a diagram for the 01 clutch to help me get it right.

Use the parts finder @ www.yamahaoftroy.com for an exploded view

I dont see the parts finder on that site. Might be me though.

I dont think that link works.

Here ya go


Thats awesome,Thanks.

Help! The diagram shows a flat plate before the conical plate.I have no flat plate. And one of the friction plates is narrower than the others.Where does that one go?Also the old 2000 clutch had no boss spring but the 01 does and the 00 clutch plate fingers are flat and the 01 plates have a tab with notches in them. Do they go a certian way?

Ok I didnt order the flat plate for some reason.Its being overnighted.So the plate with the larger diameter hole gos in after the boss spring right?Then the only other thing is the notches in the plate tabs, Where do they go if any special order?

flat plate, spring plate, friction plate with the biggest hole. Not sure what notches you are referring to... are they on the friction plates or the steel plates (the flat ones)???

There on the friction plates not the steel plates. Its an ebc complete 01 kit. Kevlar I think he said.

I wouldn't think it would matter where the notch went, but you may want to contact EBC just to be safe.

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