deep water crossings

I don't know if there is much water down there in the Baja, but has anyone done any simple mods for water crossings?

Some dielectric grease on the spark plug will help, I guess.

Are there vent hoses that should be re-routed upwards?

Did a couple of water crossings this weekend on an awesome 200 km dual sport ride, took on some water somewhere, and I was sputtering and backfiring at high revs for the next hr. or so. No fun on those giant hill climbs. lol

My '94 was literally backfiring flames out my Yoshi pipe.

I didn't realize this until someone told me at the end of the ride.


Nobody crossing any water here?

Or has no one had any problems with water crossings?


The XR650R has no problem with water crossing. I love em water crossings on a hot summer day. Yahoooooooo. :devil::thumbsup::awww:

Hello Al -

I see by your first post your bike is an 94 so I'm figuring it's an XR600/650L.

Take the time to post the profile of your ride, then we can try to help you figure your "fire out the pipe" problem.

What do you call deep water? I have had my XR600R in water above the tires and never had a problem. The only issue is that the motor cools down a lot and does not want to run that great until it warms back up.

I did my best Captin Nemo impression on it once. I mean submaried the bike. Three guys to yank it out. Drained the carb, pulled the plug, blew the water out of the cylinder and started it up. Changed the oil when I got back to camp but other than that no issues.

I have an opened air box. If there is a question on the depth of the water I walk the crossing first.

I've crossed in about 3 feet of ICE COLD snow melt before. No problems with the bike but I almost got frost bite. :thumbsup:

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