How do I make my 450 ride like my old trusty 426?

OK, I've had it about a month, and have logged a couple hundred miles, and I'm still way faster on my old 426. There is a slight HP difference, but most of it is suspension, heighth and ergo's. Maybe someone here can help.

The new bike is stiffer, alot stiffer and doesn't sag near as much. With the old bike I feel like it's much easier to scoot the back end around with my butt. With the 450 I keep feeling like it's so far to the ground or that I'm going to highside it. The position of the bars has a little effect, because I also feel like I'm going to go over the front more. New bars are on their way.

Is this the effect of not enough race sag in the rear, or too stiff of springs? Does the extra up high weight of the starter & battery really make that much of a difference?

Thoughts, ideas?


i would get a new top clamp and then lower your forks and tha should help out with the front end. also change the oil in the forks. then i would change the oil in the rear. i rode a wr with it changed and it felt great. if that doesnt work take it to your local suspension shop

I felt similarly about my WR at first, then I raised the fork tubes above the triple clamps around 8 mm, replaced the front tire with a 755, and changed the oil( some suggest 5wt instead of 10 wt).

You can get the WR to really fly without alot of expense or work.

Having seat time in both bikes, I have found that the 450 is lot stiffer. I think that is a good thing. It is a lot more stable and tracks better. The 426 has better low end, but that can be fixed with the proper mods, jetting, and exhaust. How can one complain about the 450 with the magic button anyway! Just my thoughts. :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the ideas, I'll have to try raising the forks since it's pretty simple. Stiffer is a good thing, I thump the bumpers quite a bit on the '26.

Spreading magic button envy every chance I get. :thumbsup:

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