which wr450f


i live in australia and about to buy a wr450f. although not sure which model to get. idealy i would like the 2004 brank spankin new one, however there are second hand 2002 and 2003 models for a couple of grand cheaper. Is ther emuch difference between these models. I just dont wanna pay top dollar because i heard the 2004 was the shiznit when the cheaper 02 and 03 models are pretty much the same... any feeback on this would help me dramatically!!

thanks guys

deffinetly go the new 04. You will have to deal with starter and woodruf key issues on the 03 and the 02 is a 426 isnt it.

Looks more like a YZ doesn't it?

I would agree with the others though, as I was in the same predicament a while back. I ended up going for the brand new 04 cos there were only 03s on the 2nd hand market here in the UK (I wanted the electric boot) and the woodruff issues worried me!

Looks quite trick, but as an 02, it must be a 426 I reckon.

Save those ozzy dollars up and get the 04. Prices will come down soon as they sell off stock ready for the 05 model.

Unless parts are expensive in your country, the 04 starter upgrade takes all of the worry out of shearing a woodruff key, I spent about $250.00 US

might save you some cash to buy an 03 and upgrade.

Ditto buy the 03 and upgrade the starter for $260.00 US. That is a much better deal! No brainer. :thumbsup:

3rd vote for the 03 and the $230 for upgrading the starter parts. Mine's working like a charm. :thumbsup:

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