Has anyone had any luck with waterproofing thier bike for deeper river crossings (2 feet plus)? My 400 and my buddy's 450 seem to sputter bad and or stall. I've looked in the air box to see if they're sucking water but that doesn't seem to be the problem. I am suspecting an ignition failure like maybe the coil doesn't work right when it gets wet? Other?

Check the free mods page (FAQ). The breather from the head can suck up water and lock the motor if you aint careful. Route it to the airbox is best idea.

2 of the carb vent hoses should be routed into the airbox too.

Ride fast - take chances


For you guys with WR450,s. Unabiker is working on a Carbon fiber side cover that will not flex and will seal against the airbox! Much needed for water crossings! I will post when he has my protoytope ready! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the suggestions.

One problem, I can't find the free mods page.

my expirience

when I tought my bike how to dive it didnt start

the water came in through the exhaust and under the seat into the airbox soaking the air filter

with help I lifted the bike upwards so the water could pour out of the pipe and I removed the plug on the lower side of the airbox

than I got a chance to start the bike with the help of a pulling car and rope

with electric start I could skip the pulling car, and just press the button when bike in upward position while pressing a bit the decomp. lever, to give your starter easier job in cleaning excess water

after a few non compressed turns, release the lever and eventually the bike will start a bit coughing

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