Tight Decomp wire


On my YZ426 MY00 the decopression wire is tight due to non stock handlebars. Is there a risk that the decomp can be "activated"? If it is activated, can I ruin the valves or something else or is it just killing the engine?


Yes the bars can make a difference. There are different opinions on whether it can cause valve problems, I personally dont think the manual decomp raises the valve enough to collide with the piston. Either adjust it, get an 03 exhaust cam and elimainate it, or move the lever to somewhere else on the bars.

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John will you be at the GMB? I know I have asked already but I can't remember when or where I asked! LOL

I will be at GMB! It might be my first ride back after surgery (2/24/04) achilles reattachment OUCH! I am going to try riding in the next couple of weeks, it feels ok but we will see. It is weak, but so am I and fat too! :devil: Maybe I am only the Fastest1 poster not rider! :thumbsup:

Don't worry, You cannot damage the valves by opening the decomp lever. Just route the cable to where it will work for you.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

You need the decompresion cam :devil: from hot cams you can start the bike with your hand :thumbsup:

You dont need to go to Hotcams, the stock 450 exhaust cam will do the same thing, cheaper!


I have seen incorectly routed decompression cables stall the bike when the bars are turned. The bars would pull on the cable and the lack of compression would kill the bike. So you dont want it too tight. ROute it to were it has slack in the cable if ya can or move the lever somewere else on the bar.

Motion pro may have longer cables for ya.

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