2004 WR450F, US spec vs. Euro/Canadian spec

OK, picking up a new 04 Euro/Canadian spec WR450F tomorrow (Tuesday), are these technically the same. I know it wont have the USFS approved spark arrestor (easy to add that), but does it have things like the throttle stop, grey wire etc I need to deal with or does this bike come "non detuned"? Anyone else ever done this? And the VIN, any info on what the computer will spit out when my department of licensing types it in, I want to road plate it and I'm hoping it wont kick it out as "off road" etc. Looking forward to the magic button too! :thumbsup:

You should not have a gray wire or a throttle stop on the canadian or european models. You still have mods to do to get the bike where you want it. :thumbsup:

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