Pro Moto Billet, or GYT-R exhaust insert for '04 WR450?

Which one should get my $40?

I was going to get an OEM YZ can/midpipe, but heard they don't have spark arrestors.

Opinions please.

The only difference between the 2 is the way they look.

Same sound and power output.

Thanks SBPimp. If that's the case, it looks like I'll be going with the ProMoto Billet one, as Yam dealers around here definatley don't stock stuff like that, so I'd probably get it faster, not to mention it does'nt stick out as far.

Anyone else have an opinion on these things?

When I went to get the GYT-R insert, Yamaha back ordered it, so I canceled and went with the Pro Moto Billet, nice fit, looks and sounds good.

I've got the GYTR one on my WR and it's seems to work fine. I just ordered at the local dealer and had it in a few days. I'f you've got the stock pipe I'm thinking this is the way to go. I've got the pro moto billet on my YZ and I'd say they both work OK. The sound coming out of the GYTR one seems better to me.

Ordered from dealer, $40.00 and 3 days. If you go this way make sure that you use some locktite and use proper bolt torque. If not you may have to go back and look for it. :thumbsup:

I think it's BS that Yamaha doesn't include this part...especially after spending $6500 for a new bike that runs like crap off the showroom floor!!! :devil::thumbsup:

Go to I got one last week and it's better than the GYT-R insert I lost 2 weeks tube same diameter all the way thru and a 90* down turn to point it at the ground. No less power than without an insert and quieter than the GYT-R....more power than with an insert, too. $40 bucks+shipping.

you will never know the true potenial of the bike until you replace stock exhaust with something aftermarket, like the FMF, a big performance gain.

Thanks everyone for your imput, I think I'm gonna see if the local riding places throw a fit about it being too loud without any insert before I buy one (I know a guy who's been riding at a few places without an insert & had no problems at all). If I find I need to run a quiet tip, I think I'll go with the GYT-R (if a dealer can get me one in a reasonable amount of time), & if not I'll get the ProMoto. I may still get a OEM YZ can & make my own spark arrestor for it. I'd love to go buy a slip-on or a full system for this thing, but right now the money just isn't there.

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