OEM Throttle Replacement??

Hey There...

Anybody got any ideas for improving/replacing the oe throttle on Ms. Piggy?

Are you talking about the throttle tube? If so White Bros makes a billet aluminum throttle tube. However, it would have to be modified for barkbusters.

Actually I was wondering if the aftermarket push-pull throttles were any smoother than the OE. I'm experienceing a bit of a 'catch' on throttle roll... wondering if it's something inherit or if the cables/tube might be bad. Had the carb off and everything in there looked good to go... so I'm kinda leanin' towards the tube/cables replacement.

Although I did take a likin' to that WB roller bearing one... bet that's way smooth


you sure the cables are routed correctly/not pinched?

has anyone put a 1/4 turn throttle on their brp?

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