Fuel Screw - O-Ring / Washer Order

Just putting my carb back together but cannot work out if the order of the Fuel Screw O-ring and Washer. The spring goes onto the Fuel Screw first I think, but does the metal washer go next or the rubber O-Ring:confused:

I can't work it out from the diagram :thumbsup:

The o-ring must be the last thing you put on. The washer is there to keep the end of the spring from damaging the o-ring. If you look closely there is a sharper edge on the washer from when it was stamped out, I always like to face the sharp edge to the spring leaving the smooth side toward the o-ring, but it probably doesn't matter that much... :thumbsup:

Thanks :devil::thumbsup:

No problem! :thumbsup:

The spring goes on first, followed by the flat washer, then the o-ring. :thumbsup:

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