04 YZ450F dying not stalling....

Well took my 450f out sat evening to meet some friends for a ride. Well make a long story short..spent the evening kicking the beast a million times...never would start. Went to start it Sunday, after numerious kicks if fired up and smoke bad, blue smoke and was cutting out untill it cleared out.. Now the thing will just die often, runs good, kinda hard to start but up and running it runs good. Could some one give me some pointer where to start looking for problems...I have had the bike since March and it always started pretty easy untill this time.. it had sat for about a month...I hope its not starting to go down hill yet... :thumbsup:

Things I'd check first:

Plug - could be fouled with carbon. Try a new one.

Carb low speed circuit - pilot jet, etc. could be clogged.

clean carb and try again.

Pilot screw adjustment - verify that it is at the proper


Hopefully, one of these is your problem. I'd try a new plug first and go from there.

Good luck

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