Best place to get a stock 426 header pipe

I have a 02' WR426 with a banged up header pipe and I want to know where is the best place to pick up on a stock header pipe is. And wink, wink maybe even know someone who is selling one. :thumbsup:

Check ebay....they are on there all the time.

Cheapiest place I've found to get factory parts is Usually 30-40% less than retail.

Go to the dealer and talk to the mechanics and see if they have an extra one laying around. A lot of people don't want them after they are pulled off the bike and replaced with after market stuff. That pipe fits almost every four stroke Yamaha makes, YZ/WR 250 and 450. The the YFZ Quad has the same pipe. :devil: Slip the mechanic a $20.00 :thumbsup: and be happy. :awww:

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