04 450F sparkplug removal/ seat brackets locknuts

When removing a plug in the 450F do you have to remove the gas tank to remove the plug...Also has anyone had the seat bracket nuts that the bolts bolt into come off of the seat/fender brackets...Also do you think JB weld would hold them back in place...thanks guys

Yep, you must pull the seat, tank and shrouds to pull a spark plug. You can leave the shroud attached to the tank. Just pull the bolts that hold the shroud to the radiator. It is about a twenty minute project, but the more times you do it, the better you will get! Why your in there clean your air filter as well.....good ridin' :thumbsup:

Are you talking about the nuts on the inside of the subframe? Have them welded! Not JB weld. Yeah it will probably work but tack welding it should only cost a couple of dollars.

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