please help with some info about YZ426

in the next few months i will be searching for a new offroad machine. the bikes i have been looking at are the Yamaha YZ and WR,Suzuki DRZ,and the Honda CR. But ive mostly dedicated myself to Yamaha. Ive been looking at the YZ250F,450F,and 426F. The YZ250F is a wonderful machine but i want to graduate to the 400+ cc range. First the YZ450 is the bike that I've sat on at the local dealer,but its for closed course operation only. Then theres the YZ426;I've seen them on the trails,all over the place. But there not at the dealer,not in the classified ads,not anywhere. Ive only seen one in the neighborhood,but never saw it again. But i did talk to a guy that has one out on the trails. He wouldnt let me ride it of course. Ive been looking around on the net for information,but they were only spefications. I am considering buying one for my next bike,but my question is:are they green sticker in california?

how does it handle?whats the power delivery like?are parts relatively easy to find?and where can i find one????

my riding level is in the advanced range now;my current bike is a 2004 TTR225 and it limits what i can do because of the way it performs.

any information you YZ426F owners have would be great

Yes, 426s are a green stickered bike and can be a great trail bike given a proper setup. It will be a death rocket compared to your TTR! :thumbsup: Probably the first thing you would want to do would be set up the suspension to suit you and your riding style. Then i would address the gearing...for fast trails i used to run 15/49 and found it to be good for anything but the fastest desert cources. You might want to think about a bigger tank too as you will be limited to about 35-40 miles between refils. A flywheel weight would be a great addition also and will help you keep the motor alive...its lack of freewheel weight really makes the motor stall prone in the low RPMS and can often be a handful with less experienced riders. But other than that and a few other bolt on items they have the potnetial to be great offroad/trail machines...they just need a little setting up and tweaking to make just right.

hey thanks alot. any idea where i might find a YZ426? does yamaha still make them since 2002?

They started making the 426 in 2000 until 03 they went made the change to the for finding one, look in your local newspapers and cycletraders....check the forsale section in this forum also...lots of good deals to be had.

Shipping is generally about 200-300 dollars, so dont let distance limit you. :thumbsup:

In regards to the 426, they are all good bikes, but if you have a choice get the 01' or later. That seems to be the year where most of the minor bugs are gone.

I don't know if this is true, but I was told that all off-road bikes (MX bikes) made 03' and newer were automatically given a Red sticker license here in California. Anybody hear of this? Doesn't sound right but at this point, who knows for sure?! :thumbsup:

I believe the CRF250X is going to be a gree sticker bike, according to Dirt Rider. It's got some special emissions equipment on it though.

have you tried ?

Local (Sacramento/Stockton) Cycle Trader has ton's of 426's listed.

They're a great bike. Mine is completely stock (except for suspension) and has never needed anything besides oil changes, tires, and nice clean air filters. Oops - forgot that I had to replace the cracked OEM tank with a Clarke last year.

After a while you'll want to mess with the jetting but out of the box they are close enough for a newbie trail rider.

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