anyone use a left hand operated rear brake from Rekluse

Is it hard to get used to? did you remove your foot brake pedal? Like or dislike? Thanks :thumbsup:

Left hand operated brake? Thats the [@#$%&*!] stupidest idea I ever seen. Learn how to ride it the way its meant. Never Alter the controls. It teaches you the wrong idea and concept. Not trying to be mean just saying.

Excuse 707 :thumbsup:, he obviously doesnt know [@#$%&*!] :awww:. Anyone running an auto clutch would love the left hand brake (I am sure 707 is resisting the auto clutch idea too). I am sure it works well. Al at Rekluse seems to do quite a bit of testing before releasing the product. I dont think the combo unit is available yet, just the hand lever. Which will make the foot pedal obsolete. I run an auto clutch (EFM) and I am going to run his brake eventually. BTW to anyone who doesnt think you should change your controls and just adapt to it, that is stupid! If you cant figure out that your left hand now controls the rear brake, maybe you shouldnt ride at all. Maybe a 1-2 hour learning curve at the most. How long did it take to quit reaching for the clutch lever that is not there? If we never tried anything new, we would still have square wheels, and a manual decompression lever :devil:. Just what concepts and ideas were you referring to, going faster? Not stalling?, Getting to use your brake regardless where your feet are? Seems like my hands are always on the bars, but I cant say my feet are always on the pegs.

I rode a 426 once with a rekluse auto clutch and the rear brake on the left side of the handlebar and it was wierd to say the least...would definitely take some getting used to. :thumbsup:

I HAD a auto clutch and the left brake would work holding the bike on a hill front brake is not enough to many times the bike tryed to get away. So i took my stupid auto clutch off I would rather use the manual clutch :awww::lol::thumbsup::D:devil:

A friend of mine had his YZ 450 setup with the left handed rear was definetly weird at first, but with a little bit of practice its just as good as having a foot opperated one...once you got it dialed in i could see it as an advantage, especially right handed corners where your foot it usually off the peg but would still give you full use of the rear brake if needed to help that back end come around.

What a Dumb Ass!

Anyway, Meanwhile back at the adult conversation.....

The left hand brake takes a ride or two to get used to but works well. I ride my buddies 450 with the autoclutch every chance I get. The really cool thing is that when you charge a corner and need to drag the brake to bleed off speed and get your foot out at the same time (Which requires you to release the foot brake early on right hand turns, You can because you have direct access to the rear brake on the bars. Once you get the tecnique mastered , you can smoke folks in the corners. The other good thing is that when approaching braking bumps and the rear end starts to hop a bit, just a slight pull with one finger will settle the bike down and you can concentrate working the bike with your foot firmly on the pegs.

There are several good reasons to have the rear brake lever up on the bars.....But with some folks ... old habits die very hard....

Bonzai :thumbsup:

I've been wanting to get this for quite some time but I'm waiting for the combo model to come out (foot brake lever and handlebar lever.) I'm sure I'd get used to not having the foot brake lever but...

The brake lever works and looks good. The three things worth noting are: 1)there is nothing fancy, just a "nylon-type" bushing at the lever pivot, 2)the back half of the bar clamp is stamped steel, 3) the lever reach and actuator adjustment is nice, but I had to "massage" the actator push rod to get the proper "free-play" in the lever with the close reach I need for my smaller hand. I was told this lever was chosen to help keep the cost of the kit down.

Over all, I really like the better feel I have with the lever operated by my left hand than with my right foot. It is also a little safer to start the bike if you have moved your hot start lever to the throttle side of the bar. In the event you are not in neutral, you can have the rear brake applied so the bike doesnt scoot away from you. It is a little difficult to push the hot start and pull the front brake lever at the same time effectively (remember, you no longer have the clutch lever to pull as a safety).

The brake line is a stainless steel braided line covered in clear "vinyl". I would have preferred if it were black. I also did not like the banjo fitting at the rear caliper being aluminum (fitting at the lever is s/s). I prefer stainless steel for durability, especially with corrosive brake fluid.

The things noted are personal and more cosmetic items which do not affect the operation of the kit - which has been flawless to date. :thumbsup:

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