bent bars

i just bent the [@#$%&*!] outta my bars today ! but what a ride lol ! so now i need new bars, i want 7/8" bars since im thinkn of selling my bike to get an 06, if they have an aluminum frame so .. this way i dont have to change the clamps and just have something to ride for now... what do you guys suggest ? and what bend do you like ? i cant remember the bend i had on my other set of bars for my kawi .. but i do like the stock feel somewhat on the 450 !

also im looking at either, tag or pro taper .. im not really sure which one to get, anyone have any hard facts on which is stronger ? id really like to put the tags on cause they make em blue ! but if the pro tapers are stronger then .. ill go for those

oh and if it helps, i can get the tag bars for $71.00 and the pro tapers for $59.00 plus my grips, $7.15 so ...

Tags. The X5

Love 'em and they're holding up ok for wimpy little 7/8" bars. :thumbsup:

oh yeah, got the #2018 (YZ dbl hi).......

Mark S.

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