Wanted luggage rack for a 650L

i posted this in the accessories forum but thought i would try here as well.

i'm looking for a good rear rack IE: (Happy trails,summers etc) but will consider side/rear combo's as well.

chipped or scratched doesn't bother me,mangled does,

pm or email me if your interested.



If anyone have one on their bike and would be willing to take good pictures and measurements for me i would be grateful.

one of the welders at work said for a bottle of Crown Royal he would buzz something up for me but he wants detailed drawings

I didn't want to spend the money for the Promoto or Happy Trail racks, so instead I spent $8 for some 1/8"x3/4" steel and made my own. It isn't as trick as the professional ones, but it survived 1500 miles of dirt roads with a light to moderate load. If you are interested, I'll email you pictures.

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