WR400 wheels on a WR450

Will talon hubs for a WR400 fit on a WR450?


I'm almost positive that they will fit. However, if it is a '98 WR400, they won't. They changed the rear wheel in '99.


Did you ever find out if the WR400 hubs fit on a WR450? I'm having trouble with the spacing with Talon's on the front of my WR450. I know the stock hubs changed p/n's somewhere around the time the 426 went to a 450 from checking the online parts catalog at Yamaha. I'm wondering if I may Talon's are replacements for the old 426 hubs instead of the 450.

Anyone else out there who could shed some light on this? Appreciate the help.


Word is that 99-present WR4xx and 00-presentYZ4xx wheels fit. 98 400 wheels dont fit (at least not without some machining operations, but even then not sure), and i never got an answer on 99 yz400 wheels. not sure about any of the 250/250f wheels. The guys in the supermoto forum are worth asking, cause they seem to deal with this alot.

Also ktm fronts up to 02 fit with only a slight spacer shave and the backs need a shave and a bit of reaming. cheap option.

good luck

ok, I'll sum it up for you. Any YZ hub, 125, 250 250F 400 426 450, 1999-2004 will work. The only thing you will run into is that the rotor sizes changed a couple times on both front and back rotors. This will cause the caliper to either foul or not contact enough of the rotor. No problem, if you use the correct rotor. On the rear rim, 125's and 250's use a 1.85" rim rather than the 2.15" found on YZ 250's and 400 426 450's. On the WR series, the hub is also slotted to accept a speedo drive but will work on a YZ or a WR without the speedo drive with a YZ axle spacer in place. By the way I have personally tried a 2004 YZ250F front on my 1999 WR and it does fit.

fershy :thumbsup:

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