Edelbrock from a xr600 on a xr650r? Help a lazy guy out!


I've got an old xr600 with a new edlebrock. I just purchased a used xr650r with the stock carb and perfect jetting for lower elevations (thanks mike from hollister!). Since I have a higher elevation ride coming up (Foresthill to Tahoe), I was thinking of throwing the xr600 edlebrock carb on the xr650, so I could modify the jetting on the fly. I noticed that they have different model numbers.

Fitment issues?

What is the difference between the carbs?

I figured I try here first before buggin Barnums.

I'll probably eventually end up ordering an ebrock from Barnums ($350 right now), but they are backordered.

Thanks folks!



just call 760-868-8097 and ask for Rob... :thumbsup:

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