Yoshimura pipe for XR650L

What truth is there to this post? Will the XR600 pipe fit a 1999 XR650L and are these pipes hard to come by?

Also, what pipe options are available for a XR650L and what would you recommend?

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Re: 650l and r exhuast [Re: StreetThumper650]

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Run to the store and beg them to sell you the Yoshimura system for an XR600! It works well, adjusts sound level in under a minute with the TEC inserts, looks sweet, and fits nicely.

Hurry since Yoshimura isn't listing it for sale anymore!

Yes the Xr600 pipe will fit the XR650L. The Cobra exhaust I used to run was for a XR600 because they did not list the XR650L. The frame is the same as the 600. The only thing to watch is the exit of the exhaust. When I bought my bike it had an FMF Mega Max II system. The tuning disc allowed exhaust to hit the turn signal and melted it. Other than that fit was exact. I have seen all brands on the "L". It is getting to find one for the XR600, since Honda does not make them anymore, some companies are dropping the listing.

I had to call and get a part # for my FMF power core 4 "Q" pipe because it was not in the catalog. Good luck.


Hey Buck is the man....he speaks the ZRX bros truth!

Go for it, you can't beat Pop's Yoshi pipes. I am sure Buck can shoot you a foto or two. :thumbsup:

I have a Pro-Cicuit T-4 on my '03 XRL(the older style)It was listed for both bikes (XRL/XR600).Bolted right on but i did have to use the rear turnsignal mount for the pipe and the t/s.Much lighter than stock and way faster( and LOUDER) :thumbsup:

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