Difference between US and Canadian wr450

Hey guys, what is the difference between a Canadian and US based wr450 (2004)? Also, does anyone know if the warrentees are transferable? Thx. :thumbsup:

I bought my 04 WR450F(s) from Intl Brokers. It is a CAN/AUST spec bike. As far as I can tell, it is physically the same as an American bike. But the ODO is in kilometers, the warning stickers are in French. The only thing I can think of that may be different is the 'stock' jetting settings, and possibly ignition mapping. But Im not sure. I have not researched that subject. I did however get a GREEN sticker for my bike because the VIN# has a 'W' in the 8th position.

Does this help?

Yes that helps a lot. I didn't even think of the speedo in kilometers :thumbsup: I'll have to check to see if the warning labels are in French! Thx.

WARRANTEE :thumbsup:

We don't need no stinking warrantee!

Warning labels are bilingual :awww:

To my knowledge here is no warrantee on competition machines sold here. :devil: However, I broke the kickstarter on my 98 wr400 and the dealer replaced it free. That's another reason why I bought my 04 from them....http://www.machineracing.com/main/main.asp ........sorry for the cheap plug. :lol:

I think the Canadian model has a higher compression ratio somewhere around 13 or so to one and a different style of pipe... one that you can't unplug

OK, this thread is of special interest to me because I just "wired" Zach the coins (International Motorcycle Brokers) for my 04 WR450F today! I know the muffler isnt USFS approved, but does it have a spark arrestor? And does anyone have a WR450 stock muffler "take off" they'd be willing to sell, I'm interested, will pay cash, can use PayPal and besides, it would keep you from stubbing your toe from the old unit lying around and would like the stock quiet insert with it. I want a nice new looking OE take off, kinda being picky, but its going on a brand new WR450F. Already ordered my Devol radiator guards, Moose skid plate and Devol frame guards, havent even gotten the bike yet, just gettign stoked! For those who did get a bike from Zach, how long did it take after he received payment before you got it? And the 8th digit in the VIN reads a "W" from what a previous poster mentioned, does this prevent it from coming up in the DOT systems (import, not in the system) my concern here is I'm replacing a road plated WR426F and want my new bike to also be road plated. If it doesnt come up as off road, I can easily do it, otherwise, I'll have to lie and tell them its "a dualsport". OK, so I have quite a few questions myself, maybe I should of started a new thread? I may on the OE muffler request. :thumbsup:

From reading the manual and going over the forums here, this is what I remember;

Different pipe: Can't be uncorked

Different jetting: Bigger PJ(48) and MJ(160)

'Grey wire' disconnected by default

YZ length throttle stop

Suspension is setup differently(softer I think)

I'd hate to see a US bike in stock form if mine was bad... I am just finishing up dialing mine in and it's a whole different bike compared to stock.

I just got my canadian spec '04 WR450 from Zach. It does indeed have the spark arrestor (but i dont see any USFS indication, but havent looked very hard). The throttle opens fully (ie no new throttle stop required). Anything else you want me to check, just ask.

Oh, and the bike can be uncorked. The cork is certainly not meant to be left in as it is the cheapest piece of crap i have ever seen on a motorcycle. black plate stamped steel with rough edges. Pull it out and throw it at a friend.

Yeah, the cork can come out. I didnt think about the USFS approval of the muffler, but the spark arrestor is there. And the cork is out. The rest of muffler can looks legit, unless you read the fine print on the can. I don't care becuase Im getting a FMF Q muffler anyway.

I am the one posting stuff about the "W" in the VIN number. That really only pertains to California becuase of the whole red sticker/green sticker issue here. Per the Cal DMV web site, if your VIN has a C or 3 in the 8th position, then you default to a RED sticker OHV registration. My CAN WR450 has a "W", and therefore I was stoaked to get a green sticker. The title transfer/registration process thru Int' Brokers via California is actually via Indianna, since one cannot bring a Canadian vehicle directly into CA. To the DMV, it looks like I bought the bike in Indianna. And the DMV title from Indianna says OFF ROAD VEHICLE. CA is much more strict about street reg for a OFF ROAD bike. It may be different in WA or OR, or.... elsewhere.

The last question about delivery time:

Barry from Int'l called me when they got my $$$ in the mail, and said the bike would ship out the next buisness day, which was Tues for them. Then I picked up the bike at Fwd Air on Thurs night. 48hrs shipping time.

However... not to give Int'l Brokers a bad name. But there was a 4 week delay in me getting the title and proof of purchace. This was becuase the 'partner' in Indianna did a typo on my pink slip, the numbers at US Customs didnt match up, and they spent 2 weeks trying to figure out why. Meanwhile, I had a $5698 bike in my garage that I had no proof of reg/purchace or any papers on it. It could have been stolen as far as the cops/USFS cared. But it all worked out in the end. Just stay on top of the whole transaction till you have ALL papers and bike in hand!

I picked up an '04 WR450 from Zack. Took about 3 weeks to get everything done. But the bike was damaged during shipping (front brake rotor is toast)

Anyhow, it has been over 2 months of dicking around, trying to get my rotor cleared up, to the tune of $159.00 American.

The emails don't do much, and I'm sick of waiting by the mailbox.

Thanks guys,a nd good info from BigMATT too. I just paid him via electronic wire Tuesday, havent heard much back, did email to let him know it was enroute and he replied with "I'll send you a tracking number". I live about 20 minutes from the fwd air from my place of employment, so when I know its coming, I'm headed over there on my lunch hour, may assemble it right at work! My state is real strict on road plating a dirt bike. In fact, its not even done after 2000, but you can import one already dual sported, its how I got the WR426F plated. This will be an import, so it should work. I'm crossing my fingers. After this trasnaction is all done, I'll let you know how it went.

Ask the brokers to make sure the title paperwork does not say "dirtbike" or "offroad" on it. Thats how I got a plate from Vermont for my 03 WR450. But I hear that loophole has been closed now too... :thumbsup:

Yeah, I asked Int'l Brokers about a 'street title' for my bike, but they said that is shady buisness and weren't willing to cooperate. But you may luck out since you'll be getting it directly from Canada. I guess it all depends on what your title says.

Keep on top of Zach & Barry with emails and tracking. They have poor customer service, but I guess thats what keeps their prices down. No overhead.

Let us know how everything turns out.

I also just purchased a 2004 WR450 from International Motorcycle Brokers. It's supposed to arrive Monday 8/30 here in Colorado. My experience with Zach was mixed as he didn't call back when he said he would and, among other things, he delayed my order. I spoke to him on a Thursday and he said he had 15 bikes. He got my check three days later. Two more days later I finally called and he said he was outsourcing for the bike since he had none. After some stern words he said he doesn't keep track of his inventory. Boy, he's a good salesman, got my money. Now I've been told I have a floor model from Yamaha coming - still new, but pushed around and looked at - and, again, not what I was told I would get. Zach said he took it back apart and put it in the crate to ship. Hope it's all legit. Hope he put it all in there.

Did you guys get a service manual too? I assume it comes with the bike. I will make a post after I get it with an update. All in all I think it's legit, the guys is just selling them as fast as he can get them. Hope my title isn't delayed.

Adam in CO

-update - Received the bike in the crate 8/30/04. All is well. Put it together last night and fired it right up.

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