Peeling Graphics

Hey Guys,

After a few hours of some tight single track I noticed that my tank graphics were sliding off where they tuck under the seat. Obviously the bike was quite warm and the riding caused the seat to push them out from underneath.

This is not a major issue but I am wondering what everyone else might do to fix.

I might just remove them and leave it that way.

Or trim them so they don't go under the seat and stick them back down.

Any naked WR's out there? :thumbsup:

never put mine back on when i changed tank and shrouds,put blue side panels,fork gaurds,took the white number sticker off the headlght,looks pretty sharp! had someone ask "what size TT is that" just laughed and said it was the new 230! :thumbsup:

Anyone else?

How are you guys keeping graphics on your bikes???

I dont think people do, it is a weak point with the Yams.

Higher quality graphics are what most do. One industries is a good place to start.

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