Mounting Devol Radiator Guards

Hey Guys,

My Guards got here today. The mounting instructions lack a lot to be desired in my opinion.

Got a couple of questions if ya'll would indulge.

Are you supposed to put the white nylon/plastic air direction louvers back under the new guard?

I assume you mount the brackets that hold the guard over the outside of the new guard. The guard is tapped to accept the screws, so I know of no way to tighten them unless you do.

The rear brace comes very close to the back of the radiator. If it was to bend, it seems likely that it would damage the radiator in the process. Has anyone had this happen?

Thanks for your time. I would appreciate any help on this matter.

DD :thumbsup:

I got it figured out after doing a search. Thanks anyway guys.


You do not use the plastic guards with the Devols. The instructions aren't really that clear granted, but the things are pretty easy to mount. Forgive me, but I am having trouble deciphering some of your post, so I can't respond to some parts. For example:

"I assume you mount the brackets that hold the guard over the outside of the new guard. The guard is tapped to accept the screws, so I know of no way to tighten them unless you do"

Again, I don't know what you're going for here, but I do believe that you will need a phillips screwdriver and an 8mm socket to tighten all of the hardware. There are 6 longer bolts that will replace the stock bolts going through the grommets into the frame. Those should be 8mm. Then there are some screws (4 I think) that mount on the side to connect the guard to the strap or brace. You will use all of the stock shroud hardware in the original locations.

I don't know about the back of the guard bending the radiator, but I know damn well without these guards what happened to mine. I don't think there is any 100% guarantee with any guard or brace, but the Devol guards are much better than the plastic guards and shrouds being the only protection in stock trim.

Hope this helps.

No lourves willl fit with the Devols. Back side br5acket comes close to radiator but will never bend into the radiator. No worries there. You may have to locate the bracket that holds the shroud mount to the right location. I had to drill my units and relocate those tabs. :thumbsup:

Thanks Maddog for the help. I got her figured out now.

DD :thumbsup:

And thank you Indy! Mine fit fine, didn't have to drill any new holes. I was kind of worried about not using the directional air flow louvers. I didn't want it to run hot down here in the Florida heat. The louvers look very impressive on supplying air to the radiator, but if their not needed than everything should be fine.

Thanks again for your help.

DD :thumbsup:

i put msr louvers on my devols they fit perfectly! and get this they only come in blue anodized! they don't stick out as far so they clear the front fender(just barely) and they match perfectly to the rows of holes in the louver so no air restriction! no diff in temp that i can tell,and it definatly helps keep the crap off your radiator! they make 2 sizes,short and tall,the tall are for the CR 500(those are the ones i ordered) they are in the chapparrel cat. for 13.95 the way you connect them is with self drilling sheetmetal screws you must mark and pre-drill the louver then driv'em home. i could put pictures on here but i don't know how,would kodak easy share work?

I've got the Devol guards and I also have the works braces for the added diagonal support. FYI you'll need to cut a slot in the Works brace to accomodate the Devol brace but it will make your rads indistructable. As for the louvers, I had some time on my hands so, I ground down the OEM's with a bench grinder to fit inside the Devols with modifications to get to the bolts. It was a pain but my rads stay cleaner and run cooler. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the suggestion DB. I have read other places on this forum about using the Works Brace to enhance the Devol for strength. I might just modify my louvers too, or pick up some of those blue anodized ones.

DD :thumbsup:

I just picked up a a set of Devol Guards and Works Connections braces. You spoke of making a modification to the braces so that they fit with the guards. Could you give a little more info about where exactly to make the cut or anything else that would help me mount these things together. I'm really struggling with my installation.

Thanks :thumbsup:

PM me your email address and I can send you pics of the mods needed. :thumbsup:

Hey Indy email them to me if you would. I'm always looking for better ways to do things.




Hey DD I emailed you 2 pics and some notes. :thumbsup:

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