Yamaha Race?

WR 400F VS. YZ 250F?

WR 400F VS. YZ 125?

WR 400F VS. YZF 450 ATV?


I can´t believe you still comparing Quads vs Bikes,,, like somebody already told you ''quads sucks''.

By the way,,, keep posting,, i think you are reaching your goal,,,,,, whatever it is...... :thumbsup:

If you saw th quad down the middle so it only has 2 wheels, it would make a fairer comparison. You can do this, Marcus, using a stihl saw or other circular power saw with a metal blade on it. Don't worry about all the sparks, the cool wet gasoline that spills from the tank as you saw through it, will soon dampen them down.

Let us know how you go on! :thumbsup:

Yes!! let us know the outcome!!!

Nice one!! :thumbsup:

Whichever quad you end up racing, all of TT hopes that it is head on.!. :thumbsup:

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