Canadian/ USA, differences??

Are they any differences between the Canadian YZF450's and the USA bikes? I was on both of the websites and noticed a slight difference in the compression ratio. Couldn't find any info on spring rates ect.. Anybody have the scoop?

Thanks in advance,


Jetting. Ay :thumbsup:

The chassis is the same between markets... the same spring rate... there are slight differences in the clickers and preload between markets... maybe some countries are fatter or rougher than others...

Apart from that, the jetting is slightly altered to be leaner for the US market (Kalifornian pollution laws...), you will change the needle and some jets on either models anyway, so no problem there... the Canadian, Australian and European models have different mufflers, and that is about it, I think... There are a few more difference in the WR models, but only lighting and stuff like that... all the parts from other markets are available from your local dealer... the best jetting kit is right here on TT in the TT store... the issue is probably going to be the title and registerability of the bike, if that is what you plan to do with it...

Good luck,


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