marcusmoberg & new members please read

I first found TT when I was waiting for my 03 450 to come across the pond. It contained a wealth of info and I learned a lot from the posts. Over time, with the lame questions and game playing via marcusmoberg, members like Taffy and LarryCO have disappeared. The technical creditability of this forum has suffered.

Newbies - here are some steps that can be taken to maintain the integrity of TT:

• Search before you ask a question. If you are too lazy to search first, why should anyone else take time from their day to help you?

• Ask intelligent questions that can be answered. Starting a thread like “Is red better than blue?” ultimately can not be decided on a forum. It is a subjective question and usually contains some type of personal agenda. Pissing matches about branding are a waste of time.

• Be humble and polite. There are (were) some very experienced and knowledgeable people on TT. Respect and appreciate their skills.

"Racing makes heroin addiction seem like a vague craving for something salty!" Peter Egan

Ride fast - take chances


I totally agree! :thumbsup:

and if you are going to make fun of someone or want to post something not related to the WR take it to the Off topic forum. We would love to beat you up a bit in there.


I couldn't agree more! :thumbsup:

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