Clutching with Recluse

Who still uses their clutch with the recluse. Are you using the clutch on restarts, diving into turns, jumps, etc.

Dont even have a lever, however I could see the need for the lever in say SX or Mx where a jump immediately followed a very slow corner. That would be the only time. :thumbsup:

ive got the lever with my rekluse, and ive just started to really use it in MX. the lever is so easy to pull its a one finger clutch. i use my clutch *liberally* now, its way better with the lever.

i always use the lever when taking off, practicing starts, brakesliding, certain shifts and for more power out-of-the-corner. the lever is basically manditory. an auto clutch without a lever is like a 5-sp trans without a shifter.

I have started racing MX and had to put the lever back on. In the woods I didn't need it. I raced a couple of times without the lever and then found out I needed it in some of the turns where there was a jump 20 ft from the turn and also I use it at the start.

I ordered the perch and sent it back

Two reasons

1: Just could not make it fit no matter what

2: found I really dont need it

As Sean, Ride woods 99.9999% of the time. In fact I ride so little ah never mind, just dont need it :thumbsup:

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