What has happened to the WR forum?

Man, things have changed at TT.. The WR forum is where TT started from, lots of good info on jetting, suspension and general bike setup. Where do you guys think it is now?

Dan :thumbsup:

I have seen alot of newbies, alot of name calling and alot of immaturity.

the reason that has happened is becuase of the gay rights moovement. LOL

got ya


I believe 99% of the question have been answered about a WR her on TT. I personally know most what I need to know about my scoot thanks to TT. This is why I don't have too many post on the WR forum.

If there is any info I may want to add... that is why I peek in here.

Once Yamaha comes out with some more changes on the WR... post will increase quite a bit.

OT is consuming my simple mind!! Darnit Jim!!


the reason that has happened is becuase of the gay rights moovement. LOL

As a gay rights activist I can see your point. :devil:

The WR forum has lost it's tech attitude.. Now it's like: I like my bike..... It goes vroom,vroom,vroom... It's pretty too, it's a nice blue color.. It is fast, it is faster than my friends quad, so that is fast... Two strokes foul plugs a lot, that is not good if you ask me...




If I can relieve you from some disappointment, I still like the WR forum. I know that a lot of posts are not really highly technical. But, personnally, I'm not a mechanic or engineer.. Plus, I don't have all the time I want to ride and even less to learn how to put my bike apart and reassemble it all the time. I will be needing help with motorcycle mechanic still for a quite long while so it is cool to have you guys available to answer my questions when they arise.

So, even if it sounds like basic knowledge for some of you guys, be sure that answers from this forum are still and will probably remain very useful to riders who would like to improve their knowledge in mechanic...

After all these years, I still never put a rear shock and a swing arm apart :thumbsup:, still not confident at timing my valves :devil:, etc...Having TT handy is great and allows me to try things I would not otherwise.

Keep on posting guys! :awww:

I think we have been invaded by a bunch of trolls. If we just ignore them and don't reply to thier posts, they will eventually go away.

That said, TT is still the best source of technical information available. Majority of topics have been thouroughly hashed out so don't forget about the "search" function. I won't let a bunch of immature trolls stop me from using and hopefully contributing to this vast resource of information.

Cheers :thumbsup:,


Dan all the real forum members went and bought two strokes...... :thumbsup:

I think it is just a quiet time of the year... the new models will soon be in peoples garages, and then the questions, modifications etc will start... and in Winter, the snowbound will be back looking for some maintenance tips...

The OT forum is not a place everyone likes, but at least it is a place for the crap to be deposited in, and leave these forums to the more technical, bike orientated subjects...

The search function is your best friend... just make sure you search back far enough... :devil:

Like other posters have stated... " my bike is not broken, I have nothing to fix, or polish, or change..." If I went to a SM conversion, then I would be over in the SM forum...

TT has made us all better informed mechanics, better riders, and better people... A lot of people are out enjoying their bikes much more because of TT...

Every time you kick your 426 with the 450 cam in, thank TT... when you don't get the bog anymore, or decel popping, thank TT... sure, individuals may have come up with ideas, but sharing them is what TT is about...

The 05 models are coming, let's see what we can bolt onto our older bikes... I wish I could get the aluminium frame from the new YZ125 and drop my 426 engine in it... :thumbsup:


I noticed alot of repeat topics and I was guilty of this as a newbie, until I became more familier with website. The search option does answer alot of questions. It also seems that people want to post material just to increase thier member ranking(annoying). I have found alot of good tech info on this site and respect those with the knowledge that have helped me. I ignore threads that are about off topics and regional issues, there are other forums where these can be discussed. This is a good forum/website and will keep checking forum frequently for info of some usefullness.


I think thew biggest issue is we have split up the forums into so many subsections that we lose activity and dilute the potential responses. I check 5 of the forums regularily but I know a lot of good posts are going on in the others.

I think having a page of current hot active posts will allow people to get more involved with other forums and bring back the activity level. I have noticed a big drop off in the last year. :thumbsup:

What has happened to the WR forum???

In a word....

marcusmoberg :thumbsup:

It's solid. I still tune in. :thumbsup:

HA HA :thumbsup::awww::lol::devil::lol::D

I used to frequent the WR forum exclusively on TT. Then, I started seeing how the frivelous banter began building, so I looked into the YZ forum. Now I own 2 bikes with YZ motors and find the YZ forum MUCH more informative and oriented toward what attracted me to TT in the first place. All I can say is, have fun, ride often, and share whatevery info you acquire.

My bike runs great thanks to tt. When it comes to working on it, I try to avoid anything unnecessary because I don't have any money to put into it right now. All I do is ride, change the oil, clean the air filter and lube the chain.

The most valueble thing tt could ever provide me with is people to ride with, because without them everything else is pointless. :awww: I hope my posts aren't what you guys are refering to. :thumbsup:

I think this site is great and has a lot of really cool people. I think the main reason for the decrease in technical posts is that there are only so many technical questions that can be asked. If you want more, get rid of the search button. :devil: j/k of coarse.

Some of us went the same route you did. :devil:

If they drop 10-15 lbs. off the WR450, I'll be back. :thumbsup:

It's all my fault. I was drawn in here by the Trivia thread. Next thing you know I'm replying to posts...and I don't even have a WR, let alone a Yamaha.

I take full responsibility. I am truly sorry. :thumbsup:

They lowered the WR450 quite a bit for 2005 and lightened it up quite a bit. I think it should be a nice bike.

I bought a WR250 for the tight stuff. I would have bought a KTM but the orange clashed with my riding gear.

What has happened to the WR forum???

In a word....

marcusmoberg :thumbsup:

DING DING DING DING! We have ourselves a winner folks! :devil:

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