Hatfield McCoy Ride

Just got back yesterday from a couple days on the Hatfield McCoy trails in W.Va. I've never seen anything like it. Miles and miles of all kinds of terrain through the most awesome scenery imaginable. I rode my good ol XR600R and had a blast railing all over the place. If you live reasonably close I highly reccommend it. The trails are well marked and designated as easy, medium, and hard. The easy and medium are great fun fast trails w/ huge elevation changes. The hard "black" trails, from my limited forays, are like the blue trails only w/ rutted hills and lots of big loose rock in the most inopportune places. :thumbsup:

We had 4 quads/ 3 bikes in our group and I learned something important about quads in the mountains. If a quad flips over on a steep hill it will continue to roll gathering speed till it runs out of hill or hits something that will stop it. {Unlike a bike which will just lay down and wait to be picked up.) 2 guys each found this out the hard way!! no one was hurt, egos were bruised, wallets are devastated.

The little town we stayed in, Gilbert, was very friendly and completely oriented towards the out of towners coming to ride the trails. They will let you ride your non-street going quad or 2-smoker mx bike right down main street.

Anyway I personally had such a good time I thought I'd advertise a little.


Sounds like fun. I have been wanting to ride Hatfield McCoy for a few years. I plan on making the trip, I hope, next year.

so you have finally found the East Coast "Grace Land"!!! Or MECCA if you will! I did the H&M's in april... And I must concur, it was truly AWESOME!!! can't wait to go back! I rode all four trail heads, and they are now advertising a new one opening right about now... that totals 500mi. of mean nasty trails to ride. I highly recommend doing it when you get the chance


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