Anyone with an 03/04 Yz oem exhaust they want to sell?

I'd like to get one in decent shape to put on my '04 WR if the price is right. I don't need the header, but if you've got it I might buy that too if it's a deal. Make me an offer I can't refuse.


How many you want?? I have 4 complete '04 systems.

Yikes, you own/run a race team or something? What sorta condition, & how much green would you need to part with one?


Brand new never run. I'll get back with you tonight on the price...I'll PM

You willing to sell just the header? Mine has a good size ding in it. I was considering having it fixed but was also considering getting a backup. If your header is in good shape (no dings) and you want to sell it could you pm me the price?


Guys PM me an offer for whatever you need and we will work from there. Tdub

Man, you should stick those suckers on ebay....i just sold a header off my 01 426 for 60 bucks! :thumbsup: Couldnt imagine what a old banged up full system would fetch!

Guys, these systems are BRAND NEW...never run. Come up with some realistic figures. $100 aint going to cut it for a complete system. Tdub

That's O.K. Thanks for the response. I don't want to sound like an ass or anything, but if I'm gonna spend more than $100, I'll just buy something aftermarket. Sorry If you were offended by my offer.

Guys PM me an offer for whatever you need and we will work from there. Tdub

I pm'd you.

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