Lost a quart of oil

Went out and did a dual sport this weekend and on Sat night (real DARK) ended upside down (literally) in a deep ravine. Get the bike out and ride back 7 miles or so and park it at the cabin. Sunday, check the oil and I’m barley on the dipstick. The bike still runs great no noise etc... I can't find any leaks and it isn't smoking. Where did the oil go? The ride was about 80 miles or so of mostly 2 gear single and tight woods. Could I have really hurt anything if it just burned off? The bike I’m referring to is the one in my sig.

Did you look in the air box? :thumbsup: My 94' has a hose that goes from the crankcase to the bottom of the air box.

not in the box. looked there first. just don't know where it went. See you at the 500!! :thumbsup: Do you live in Reaford? I jump there alot, some GK are friends of mine.

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