July 13th & 14th ride in PA

Fellow TTer Russ P. and myself will be going down from Rochester, NY to ride the trails in Allegheny National Forest on Friday July 13 & 14th. Any Thumper Talker who wants to join us is more than welcome. There are about 75 miles of very good legal trails in this one area and they all connect. There are the usual requirements, S.A., state orv reg. ( the state you are from is fine )and insurance. There is no other permit or charge. I have never seen this inforced however. WE have rented a cabin for the night of the 13th. This would be a good place to have a camp fire and a few refreshments at the end of the day. The trail heads are about 40 min. south of bradford on RT 66, 2mil. from the town of Marienville, PA There are a few good motels and campgrounds in Marirnville. The town has an excellent AMA motocross track w/open practice on Thursday nights ( it did last year ). I will update the post w/any links I can find with info on Allegheny NF. Anyone interisted can email me at finglan@localnet.com for info and directions. I am leaving for Michigan to ride and I won't be able to respond until July 2nd though.

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At www.allegheny-online.com you can find liks to trail maps, lodging and area info. Again for the lodging the trail heads are closest to Marienville, PA

there is open camping in the forrest and there are toilets and open areas at most of the trailheads. for motorcycles there are no current regulations for registration, but that will change in the next few years(they say). i live inside the boundries of the forrest and its about a 15 min ride to the trailhead in highland. this is a very nice area to ride with alot of trails. i will be at unidila on the 13-14th but tell me before you go again and i will try to make it.


Too bad you can't make it, although if you have to miss out just as well you'll be at the 'dilla. I've been going on and off since '78 and still believe it is one of the best natural outdoor tracks in the world. Remember the chants... "the other side sucks!" :) and ofcourse "show us your t**'s" :D Sorry had to use the stars this is a family site.



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