'Clutch cover took a hit...Can anyone recommend a replacement

I was flying down this trail, hit a root and the next thing I wound up flying through the air. Luckily not much else happened except that the WR was leaking oil through a microscopic crack in the clutch cover.

I know that TT sells aftermarket clutch covers, but does anyone know of who else is making them they can recommend?

I'd really appreciate it, thanks-


Take the cover off(to keep oil off), clean it and JB-weld it. My brother's 99 YZ400 had the same problem except his hole was bigger. He put JB-weld on it and it's held for nearly three years so far.

Thanks for the tips.

I went ahead and repaired it since the SFB cover was rather spendy. I have this stuff called Marine Tex (similar to JB Weld) and it is super strong. We'll see how long it lasts.

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