Can't lock bars with Acerbis 5gal on 650L

Just put a 5 gal Acerbis on the L last weekend. The front turn signal hits the tank and I cant lock the handlebars. I also don't want the signal digging a hole in my new tank. Does anyone know of a fix? I may end up trying to relocate the signals but I wanted to see if anyone had other suggestions.

Thanks, D

The only solution that I know of is to re-locate the signals, I put the Clarke 4.7 on mine just for that reason as it comes with some molded divots in the tank so that doesn't happen. If I remember right when I was researching the after market tanks on this site that was the complaint from other TTers.

Thanks Yooper

Shoulda done more homework in my quest for range. :thumbsup:

I have an XR650R instead of L and the Acerbis 6 gal tank. When I mounted the turn sigs I had to mount them to my hand guard mounting with an L braket to keep them from hitting the tank. Don't know what to tell you about the turning locks though.

I knew about the steering lock issue when I bought my Acerbis, but I wanted the extra capacity and petcocks on both sides of the tank.... No Regrets! The fix I used for the turn signal conflict was to raise the signals up to the top triple clamp bolt only (yep, they will stay in place with just one bolt). I used some bushings from the kit for the tank, that didn't seem to have any other use, under the head of the lower bolts to keep them from digging into the tank. The triple clamp touches the tank, but I can still easily use the steering lock both right and left.

Thanks for the tip budinsac. That was a pretty good fit and I can lock my bars now. Good call on the Acerbis bushings too, I wonder what they put those in there for :thumbsup:.

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