Routing the fuel line on an Acerbis gas tank

I finally broke down and paid the big money for an Acerbis large capacity gas tank for my 03 WR450F. I don't like the suggested routing for the gas line (around and behind the carburetor). How have others routed the gas line? Did you route your right side gas line between the carburetor and the cylinder? If so, did you go over or under the carburetor? If you routed the right side gas line between the carburetor and the cylinder, did you join it to the left hand gas line using the "Y" fitting supplied or did you use an after market "T"? The fuel fitting on the carburetor points back. Did you just form a gentle loop before attaching the line to the fitting? I don't want to reinvent the wheel if others have come up with a routing that works. Bajabunk had some nice pictures of his installation, in a email thread about GYT-R gas tanks, but they weren't close enough to see the gas line routing.

Mine is routed behind the back side of the carb between the shock and the top of the carb. It works great and is easy to disconncect and feed back through when reconnecting! I used the Y fitting and it works fine. I place the Y right next to the TPS and the bottom of the Y points directly at the main petcock. One Y split goe to the carb and the other connects to the right side petcock line coming from behind the carb at the TPS level. :thumbsup:

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