04 WR450F OE muffler...

OK, just purchased a new WR450F from international motorcycle brokers and I'm looking for a US spec OE WR450F muffler take off in new condition with its stock insert. I'd like a new unit that someone just removed after getting theirs home or close to it. I'm willing to pay a fair price for it and i know there is lots of them out there, you guys hate stock mufflers, but I kinda like them and dont race. I can PayPal, send cash, etc. PM me if you have one you need ot get out of your garage. Thanks :thumbsup:

Canadian 04 WR's come with the same style exhaust as the U.S. models. Not sure about USFS approval but looks identical. Last year and previous year Canadian bikes had the sealed non- spark arrestor type. The one on your new bike should be OK :thumbsup:. I have an 03WR250 and in the future will require a spark arrestor here in Ontario. I hate to spend money on exhaust when mine is like new so until then I'll save my money.

I have a stock 04 muffler with insert never seen dirt probably 3 minutes of use. Make an offer. I am reasonable. I can ship out today if we agree on price and you pay paypal.

I have a stock US 2003 WR450f exhaust can with about 800 miles of use. Small scratch on it. I have pics. Located in Michigan. Will sell for $50 US, you pay shipping expenses. I have PayPal

email darrell.vandam@jci.com

you can have mine,its off an o4 used maybe 2 hrs have the insert also. send me 20 bucks to ship it!..P.M. me :thumbsup:

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