I know most of you think I'm stupid and crazy, but I'm not! I am about to start college! I'll still have time to ride my WR and talk to you all! Let's just all be friends! I hope I didn't affend anybody. If I did I'm sorry. :awww::lol: Thumper Talk is awesome! :devil::thumbsup:

Let's just say that your best bet at this point is to register under a different name and start over...

You will never be taken seriously in this forum after the BS you have posted.

MArcusmoberg for President is all I can say! :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: For a minute there I thought I was in Off-Topic forum.... :devil:

Hey marcusmoberg, maybe you should take your stuff their.

There are alot of idiots in college too! :thumbsup:

I am about to start college!

Please leave your computer at home..

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