Why didn't we just buy the YZ???

Ok, I have a question that has been on the back of my mind since I bought my WR. I have done a lot of the mods BK, YZ Timing, Removed Airbox lid, Grey wire, YZ Throttle Stop, and the list goes on. My question is this, if we all wanted a YZ, then why did we not just buy one. Why did we spend all that money on a WR and then try to turn it into a YZ. I see many people putting YZ plastics on their WR's, YZ tank and seat conversions, People replacing rear wheels with a 19" when many of the YZ riders are going the opposite direction. Anyway, it seems crazy to me. But I did it too, I just don't quite know why. Well, what do you guys think?


"the grass is always greener on the other side..."

Too true! Over here in the UK you can get a WR road registered, so that helps making it a true dual purpose bike, especially in Supermoto guise. It is difficult to get a crosser registered for the orad over here.

Personally, if they did a road legal MX bike, I would have had it, but the WR is the closest thing to it. Having said all that, I am in love with the electric start! But I am doing the same as you and fitting loads of YZ bits!!

It gives us something to do when we can't ride them. Beats having to make conversation with the missus! :thumbsup:

so I can jump on my WR after work, ride to the local trails and have a blast, then ride home again. They do sell a YZ250WR in OZ, which is a road registered YZ250 2 smoke with lights and a quieter muffler, which is abouit as close as you'll ever get to a MX bike on the street.

Ya know what's funny Josh? Many of the YZ guys are putting in 5 speeds and WR cams! :thumbsup:

I think the perfect bike can be had for many people on both sides by blending elements of both bikes. I'm considering stripping down the lights, changing exhaust, having the suspension done, and getting back into motocross with my WR! (If I can recapture even a fraction of the stamina from my youth). I'd have the bike that many of the YZ guys are going for when they add a 5 speed and the more manageable cam....PLUS, if I ever stalled or crashed I could e-start it instead of kicking like mad, as we see so many guys doing even at the National level when they stall a thumper. :devil:

well jealous of you guys in the us and oz, so much space to just get out and ride in!! Still, at least we dont have nasty spiders and snakes over here! I can get home and whizz up to the local mx track some evenings! Not quie the same as trail riding though! :thumbsup:

I know that I'm seriously considering the WR because of the button! I ride with guys that have a WR450 and another couple of guys who have to kick. Man, that looks like it takes more effort after a fall than just pushing a button :devil: My current DRZ has the button and I haven't had to rest my finger yet - even when it's flooded :thumbsup:

I really wanted a WR since I'm more of a woods rider than motocross, but due to the fact that there are 5 times the number of YZ's on the used market than WR's, I ended up with the YZ. I'm happy with it so far, got a WR stator on ebay so I can have some lights, putting a WR flywheel on for extra weight (and because I have to with the larger stator), threw a kickstand on it, put a trailtech computer on, and geared it down a touch. I'm beginning to think though that I really needs a couple bikes...one for woods riding which would be the street legal bike, and one for enduro & moto racing. That'd solve all the problems, except that one problem of my wife letting me get another bike!

Just make sure they are the same colour and general size, then always keep one covered up with junk out in the garage.

She'll never know!

I used to have a yz 426 and I used it to trail ride, very rarely for motocross. I hated that thing because the tranny sucks for trails because first was too high, fifth was too low, and the gears were just too close. Shifting just one gear was almost a waste of time because the powerband was so wide. On top of that, the yz suspension beats the hell out of a body on rocky trials or any time you sit down.

Now I'm thinking I would like to get more into track riding in addition to trails, so I'm thinking of getting a yamaha yz 450. I will if the funds ever become available to this poor college student. The wr isn't going anywhere though. I'm through trying to make a do-it-all bike. A bike that can do everything is a bike that sucks at everything.

I bought my wr450 for two reasons - five gears, and the button. These two are great for trails and hill climbing. The gearing on the yz would do a number on your clutching forearm in the tight trials.

I for one would have bought a YZ450 instead of the KTM if I could have had a 5-speed. The 4 speed just doesn't do it for me at all eliminates the bike for the type of riding I do.

I'd like a WR450 or CRF450 without e-start and 10-15 lbs lighter.

Whoever said dirtbiking was a rational sport? :thumbsup:

I like the 5 speeds even though I very rarely use the last two the button really never worked that great or impressed me. The bottom line is it's way better than the old xr650l that I used to ride.

Wide ration 5 speed with a granny first gear!

18" rear wheel!

Off road suspension!

Bigger tank!


Bigger Radiators!

Unless you are an MX rider or A class racer the WR is a better off road platform even if you remove the battery and e-start system to save weight. :thumbsup:

I'm through trying to make a do-it-all bike. A bike that can do everything is a bike that sucks at everything.

Excellent point! I figured that out almost 20 years ago when I tried to use my 1982 XL 500 off-road. It was like riding a Honda 750-Four on the dirt. :thumbsup:

i had a 82 xl 500 also, man that thing was a wheelie machine! i recall it had a very narrow balance point and would frequently throw you over backwards if you weren't payin attention. :thumbsup:

For me it was all about the e-start. Coming from riding road bikes, I wasn't into kick starting my bike. Plus the WR is so tall it makes kicking it tricky if you aren't used to it. If the YZ came with an optional electric start, I'd be riding one today. I love my WR though!

The 2005 WR450 is supposed to 1.2 inches lower.

i bought a YZ because i wanted to ride MX. then i wanted to ride trails, so i setup my YZ for trails. now i want to seriously get into riding MX, and my bike is a little too heavy. :thumbsup: the bike has always been able, if i could only make up my mind. :devil:

the wieght isnt killing me, but maybe its killing my suspension. its just with a heavier bike you have to time things better. the wieght of a YZ450 would definately be a selling point for me.

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