WR or DRZ...help!

WR crowd I'm in a dilemma!

I'm on the verge of buying an updated machine and am trying to decide on which. With my current bike sold I will be riding a new bike in the upcoming weeks. All of you know the WR of course but I really am stuck as both bikes are great and I can't decide. I'm an old motocrosser that rides everything from singletrack to hills to playground to open desert and I love to ride hard. Help!

Can I get a testament on the WR's merits over the DRZ? Suspension, power, the normal stuff but can you also dispell the turn in and weight perception issues I've heard when comparing the two as well as its hard edgedness? Any helpful insight would be totally appreciated.


I dont know the DRZ, except sitting on it at the dealer told me its cockpit is smaller that the wr, too small for me @ 6'3" 200lbs. I rode my xr more sitting down the wr likes to be ridden harder and more standing required, the suspension seems stiff especially on the small stutter bumps, I am still trying to get it dialed, but feel it turns much better than and xr, and the power rips, it really has more on top, get into the meat and it howls, I have no problem with weight of the bike, since I came down from and xr600. I look at it this way a new bike should be good from any aspect, it should be mechanically sound and will have modern/new everything. I dont think you could go wrong either way, get which either one will fit your needs best. Good luck

One other thing you may want to keep in mind, is that there are a whole bunch of blue guys out there in the woods just waiting to throw some mud at anything yellow, green, red or orange. :)

If I had to pick between the two I would go with a yz 426. The wr seat and tank sucks ... plus if you ride hard and like a bike to rippp.. you would also want to change the wr timing to yz..

You should also check out the ktm 520. I rode one seemed to be a very nice bike plus it comes race ready...

they are all nice bikes.....


Awesome info. I just stepped off a seriously mod'ed XR4 as I was just looking for more performance everywhere. It ran strong and the suspension was sorted finally but I was hitting the real limitations of the thing.

NH Kevin mentioned dropping the triple's and the WR's inherent stability as well as busch's comment on the seat/tank. How far off really is the WR from the turn in capabilities of the DRZ? Can you get a WR close or as good as a DRZ in this department? What are the holdups?

And since the WR is mentionably lighter than the DRZ, why do reports come back as the DRZ feeling so much lighter and responsive at slow speeds?

Thanks all--

The drz is a great bike however; the wr is a better bike to grow with. I came off a 96 XR 250 that I rode for the last few years. I was fast on the bike however; I seriously out rode it capabilities. Sometimes it was plain scary. Great bike though. Now on the dub-r and feel like I have lots of room to grow again in terms of riding improvement and speed. The drz seems to be great for casual and sometimes spirited riding however; I believe the dub-r is better platform if you plan to continue to ride harder and faster. Its probably not as forgiving as the drz however; it will reward your excellent riding skills. I also believe the dub-r will have better reliability over the long run and still looks a whole lot better.

I've ridden both and here is my opinion.


- Heavier than WR but doesn't feel like it when you ride it.

- Quicker handling but less stable at speed

- Good upper rev power but missing the torque of the WR

- Electric start - yeah so what :)

(truth about electric start, if you have it, you think it's the best thing since sliced bread, if you don't you think, so what. WR really isn't that hard to start but still harder than e-start)

- Mushy suspension for whoops and high speed hits

- Seat seems to slope away from the tank - yuck!

- Not as tall


- Better suspension off the shelf

- More power through the range

- Better high speed stability

- Needs new seat and tank for most riders

- Not as hard to start as reputation says

- Tall which is good for tall riders and not for shorter riders

If your tall, DRZ might seem a little cramped. If your short, WR might be more of a handful.

If you ride a lot of woods, DRZ might be better choice. Lots of desert, MX or all around: WR.

YZ is a good choice too but doesn't have the gearing or flywheel weight for trail riding especially when the terrain gets nasty/narly (that's why we get WR's and change them to YZ timing, still cheaper than converting YZ to WR gearing and flywheel weights). Unless you like riding the clutch for long periods of time in the nasties.

Truth be told, you can't go wrong with either bike. However, if you can get a KTM-400 or KTM-520, I might pick that over the DRZ. It's MUCH lighter.


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I rode the wr400 the yz400 the husky te410 and the ktm 400 and 520 also the ktm 300exc this is a two smoke....

I like them all, they all have onething they do better then the other...

but if I had to pick one it would be the ktm 400.. It's light lots of usable power rev's good,, my favorite.. then the 520..

I,m not knocking any bikes, I have a 99 wr400 IMS tank an seat yz timed rental bars baffle out runs very good, but still is a top heavy bike... weights around 270 thats alot of weight when your 36 and ride in tight woods...

Just my opinon... my two cents... don't want to pee in anyone's wheaty's...

I have owned and rode alot of bikes..

just saing it like I see it ....

OK Hickster,

what the hell happened? I know you didn't do it (BRYAN!!!!!), but &%$#@!??


'99 WZ with all YZ mods, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat.

Thanks Bryan and busch, exactly the type of info I was looking for and more with the expansion to even more bikes. I doubt I make a purchase I'm unhappy with so this is an attempt to buy what I'll be most happy with.

I've never left a bike stock in my life so the question seems to be turning into which would be best or most suited to me with the mods I'd do to it. Cure the DRZ twitchiness? Tame the top heaviness?

My bad on the confusion NH Kevin, I greenhorned it and double posted on accident last night.

I've never had pee in my wheaties (I won't try it either) and sorry Kevin but I'm not sure. I think there was a double post to start this topic and you replied to the less used post.

It's nothing personal. Just business :)


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i can't understand why you make it an equal fight Mr Speedster. have any of the mags made it sound equal? only if they count the shopping trolley space on the back!

the wr kills the drz dead. we just don't have a lekky button. what the **** ! if a dr beats me, i'll buy one!

now how's that for a gaurantee



I had a 98 wr. Loved everything about the bike, switched to a KTM 400 exc this year. Love that bike as well. Have a friend who has the DRZ. He must have a lemon because he continues to have problems. Cracked case 3 different times. Flaw? I don't know but a concern. Depending on how much you want to spend will certainly help define your choices. If you like to tinker, the WR has plenty of room to modify (could be a financial bottomless pit, I know I spent and spent and ended up with an incredible bike)

If you want a complete package out of the box that doesn't need a lot of mods, buy the KTM. With the money I put into the WR, I ended up at the KTM price which had all those features that I put on the WR. Blue/Orange/Red/Yellow , in the long run it does not matter, it is what you feel most comfortable with.


wr 5700+ seat, tank 300 + good bars min 100 plus pipe min 250..

drz 5200 + pipe + bars.. = I don't know..

both = 270 + in weight..

all I'm saying is look at all the bikes then make your choice..

Don't worry what color it is, buy the bike that you want and like.....

find some guy's that will let you ride their bikes...


Before I bought my WR, I spent a lot of time looking at yellow, red and orange. I settled on the WR for a couple of reasons.

First, Yamaha has a long track record of making excellent bikes and the WR. Second, you can get parts. Third, a lot of people own them, so there is a large aftermarket for parts and services. Fourth, the WR is a YZ in sheeps clothing.

All the manufacturers make excellent bikes, and each bike has it's own quirks. The WR is an excellent bike out of the box. It's met to be "ridden hard and put away wet" as they say here in NM. It has plenty of room for growth; for both the bike (modifications) and the rider.

In any case, for me, it came down to reliability and getting the bike fixed when I had to. And you WILL break any dirtbike you own!! KTM (a great bike), didn't have the parts network and they were expensive. Suzuki's ride left me feeling like I could outride the bike. Honda, I came close until I rode the WR. Then I was sold.

Good luck. I'm sure you'll like whatever you buy. The test of a good bike is do you still like it at the end of the year as much as you did at the beginning!



Damper?! I don't NEED no stinkin' damper - I have insurance!!!

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[This message has been edited by Gary Kessler (edited 12-12-2000).]

What happened to my post?? What is up with that Bryan, Mitch, or Jake?

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