Noisy bike

My 01 426 makes a lot of chain slap noise on the low side of mid-range but not bogged. Mostly in 1st and 2nd. Dont notice it much in third. I am going to pull the valve cover off and check the chain and cams.

Every once and a while the kick starter has a funky click to it. Can't explain it. It almost feels like it breaks or skips. It doesn't do this during the kick stroke, but every once in a while when doin the routine to get to TDC.

Those are my current issues. Any Ideas??

Thanks again fellas



01 426 "sewing machine"

Mike,my bike made the same chain noise until I installed the E-Series pipe.After that the chain noise(and a few others)mysteriously disappeared. :) Sorry,no idea on the kickstarter problem........


My bike is really quiet, so I hear lots of engine noises. Do you think you e-series is just covering the noise with the increasd db level of the exhaust?? Just curious. Thanks for the feed back.

Mike,that is definitely the case.Just like getting rid of that annoying rattle in your pick-up by turning up the radio. ;)BTW- are you sure that the chain noise you hear isn't just the drive chain under load pulling tight across the rub plate?I know that the hollow swing arm will amplify this noise so it could easily be heard over your whisper-quiet exhaust.

Pete, that is possible. I can't really pin point the noise location. I am going to pull the cam cover and give everything a look see just to be safe. Maybe I need a radio. :)


Check the rub block at the swing arm pivot - Clark Mason had trouble with his wearing thru and making horrendous noise.


Thank you Brian< I will check it when I get home.

Forget about the tunes-I tried it-with the deck,amp,10"subs,mids,highs and a 31 series deep cycle battery to run it,it was just way too heavy in the dirt.Great for cruzin' the park on a Saturday night though.The obvious solution was the E-Series.You should try it -you just might like it.C'mon,you know that deep down inside you really want to.Come to The Dark Side Mike.Unbelievable power will be at your command and you'll never be bothered by engine noises again. :)

I tell you what, Take me on a ride and if you give me a good roosting and whoop me all day, I'll think about it :)

You may need to rethread that sewing machine :) Seriously, most common problems...chain guide wear. Stuck bearing in chain guide roller. Crap stuck behind countershaft sprocket. Perhaps wash the bike :D and inspect all the above. A loose chain as mentioned above will do it. Your still running the stock chain, right? If it makes noise while revving at a stop, it's not any of these things snd more than likely timing chain tension or lean jetting.

If it sounds like you're tapping on a beer can lightly (rythmic ticking, not constant), I am willing to bet you're just a little lean with your stock jetting. It felt and sounded lean to me last week...

Mike, I run an e-series, 12 discs on a '99 400 ( now 420 ) and I worry often about top end noise ( Yes, I am the worrying type ). I recently did a valve check and all intakes at spec, exhaust .001" below at .005" ( .006" - .008" spec. dim. )I noticed that the timing chain binder was almost all the way out aor at least 2/3 out. I've posted about this before and when I will get my valve shims to re-adjust I will also replace the timing chain. They may wear a bit or strech. At 45.00 I think it is great prevetion and will at least have peace of mind even if the noise does not go away. BTW I closely inspected eveything else and it checks out fine. I have heard it said here that after a season or two this design will become noisy. Am I on the right track?

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